Area: The town of Tegueste is located in the Island of Tenerife , in the Canary Islands . It has a surface area of 26.4 km² and is located in a valley in the Anaga Region of Northwest Tenerife .
They highlight two wide valleys, one is The Socorro, and the other one is Tegueste. It is in these places where the population and the agricultural activities concentrate.

Climate: Benign area in their climate. A relatively medium altitude (200 - 600 mts.), where the effect of the sea breeze is almost nonexistent, and with a temperature somewhat inferior to that of the coast (15º - 20º C).

Vegetation: The basic vegetation is formed mainly by species several of "laurisilva".
Another type of vegetation is the "fayal-heath", found on hillsides facing south.
There are some heath species and tabaibales, cardonales.
Areas repopulated with species of the gender Pinus exist, mainly with Californian pine. In some points pine groves can be seen.

The population: ascends to 10.000 inhabitants. The increase in populational durind the last few years is closely linked to the proximity to the capital of the island, Santa Cruz , and with La Laguna , the ideal climate, the landscape and the hospitality of the people for Tegueste make this one perfect place to live.